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A Celebration of Salmon and Other Coastal Fish

Salmon Fishing in Campbell River

There are six species of Pacific salmon and two of sea-run trout. They are anadromous fish, spending part of their adult lives in the ocean and returning to its own fresh water stream of origin to spawn, primarily in the fall. Five of the salmon reproduce in both North America and Asian waters; one, the Masu, originates only in Asia.

In North American waters, the five salmon species range in distance from California to the Arctic Ocean and range in size from 1.5 - 30kg (3 - 65lbs). Life cycles vary between species but most live between 3 - 7 years. The largest salmon is the Chinook (Spring) with the smallest being the Pink. Other species include the Coho (Silver), Chum and Sockeye. The size of the two sea-run throat varies with the steelhead being larger than the cutthroat, sometimes even larger than the pink salmon.

The Chinook is the most sought after as a sport fish and known for it's incredible size and endurance. The Coho is also an important recreational salmon and many measure have been taken in recent years to protect stocks and their habitat. Sockeye travel in large schools and are the preferred salmon by commercial fishers because of their market value. Pink salmon are relatively abundant and popular with fly-fishers and families as they are relatively easy to catch in sufficient numbers. The Chum, which migrates in the fall is known for it's unpredictability and it's roe is highly sought by Asian countries. The Chum is also one of the best of the six species to use for smoked salmon.

Bob Hope Fishing in Campbell River

Salmon play an important cultural, economic and recreational role to communities on the coast and to those up-river. In addition to providing excellent table fare, the combined economic impacts and their spin-offs attributable to sport fishing, commercial fishing, First Nations and salmon farming play an important part of the economic make-up of our economies.

Campbell River is internationally recognized as the Salmon Capital of the World and is home to the Tyee Club of British Columbia. This legendary club uses traditional fishing methods to attempt to catch Chinook in excess of 30 pounds. This century has seen many celebrities visit our area to sport fish including Bob Hope, John Wayne, Bing Crosby, comedian John Candy and former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker.

Other noteable fish to be found along the coast include the halibut, sea bass, ling cod, Pacific cod, red snapper and many varieties of rock fish.





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