Salmon Fishing in Campbell River

Salmon Fishing in Campbell River

For over a century, Campbell River has been known as the Salmon Capital of the World and with good reason. Every year, millions of migrating salmon travel through Discovery Passage on their way to spawn in their birth river. This is also where the deep-swimming resident Chinook of Georgia Strait gather to feed on herring and needlefish.

You can fish Chinook, also known as Springs or King salmon year-round, and many people return to Campbell River time and again to pursue this sport. The best time for fishing Tyee-a Chinook weighing over 30 pounds (14 kilograms)-is July through September. This is the fish that made Campbell River's fishing famous and catching one is a sport fisher's dream. Who knows, with skill, patience, and luck, not to mention strict adherence to the club rules, you might go home a member of the legendary Tyee Club!

Fishing for other species of salmon is just as rewarding. There are different fishing seasons for each species of salmon: June to September is Coho (Silver) season; Sockeye and Pinks are prevalent mid-July through August, and then, during the month of October, it's time to catch Chum.


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In the salt waters surrounding Campbell River, you can beach-cast for Coho salmon and sea-run Cutthroat trout in the fall. You can also bottom fish for cod, snapper and halibut. Away from the sea, numerous lakes offer the promise of fat trout year-round. Starting in June through October, steelhead can be caught in our local rivers. Winter Steelhead fishing runs from November through April.

Whether you bring your own boat and gear or stay at a full-service sport fishing resort, you'll find just about everything you need to take home a great fish story! There are numerous experienced guides and charter services here, and custom processing is available, too. For a unique fishing experience rent a rod and try your luck from Discovery Pier. In case the big one gets away, console yourself at the pier-side take-out with some of the tastiest ice cream on Vancouver Island.

Visit Fisheries and Oceans Canada for more information and current regulations.


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